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Holistic Antler dog chews
All natural Elk Antlers 

Elk Antlers are super long lasting, and a healthy dog chew that your dog will LOVE you for buying! 

The elk antlers that we use for our bones, are natural sheds found in the wild. (they are not from meat processing - no animals are hurt to obtain these antlers!) A long lasting, all natural treat your dog will absolutely flip for! They are grade A quality antlers. We hand pick each antler and each chew to provide you with the best antler chew. 

Elk Antler Fun Facts: 
Each year at the end of winter, the stunning bull elk naturally sheds or drops his antlers. he begins to regrow a new set of antlers, which indicates spring has returned. (Similar to how puppy teeth are dropped or shed for adult teeth to come in.) This annual marval of new antler growth is the most rapid process of bone regeneration in the known world. A mature bull elk can grow up to two inches of antler per day. 

My husband cuts the antlers into dog size chews.  They are not bleached or treated in any way. There is no grease or smell but the natural wild attraction will draw your dog to chew on them for a long time. These antlers will not splinter like meat bones.  My husband and I have studied our dogs as they chew these bones and cuts each bone to a size that will fit your dog.

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Bruce and Debi Shambaugh

Holistic chews!
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