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Holistic Antler dog chews
Holistic chews!
Vet approved!
Disclaimer: If your dog is a heavy/hard chewer, as with any hard bone, a dog can break a tooth. Watch and monitor how your dog chews on the antlers.
Our Elk Antler chews are loved by dogs of all sizes and ages.

Check out the following critiques to see what they think.
What do the antler chews look like after the dogs have chewed on them for awhile?
How long will dogs chew on the antler chews? They will wear them down smaller than the one pictured above and keep chewing on them. Keep an eye on them and do not allow them to chew on antlers that are too small for them. 

This antler is getting too small. 
You can see it one side of the this females mouth, but can not see it showing on the other. Relative to her mouth size, that means it is getting too short. This antler chew needs to be replaced with a new one.
Golden Retriever Lovers page
My golden LOVES elk antlers - keeps the teeth clean. I get them from a great place where they are cut in half. I buy the extra large and they last a long time -

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